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Baseball Betting Angles

When handicapping a baseball game there are a few key factors you should focus on.

Using the Baseball Matchups for each game from the stats menu.

See which team has more arrows pointing in its favor, this gives the team an advantage in matchups for the game.

Look at the money next to each team, the bigger the number the better, this number indicates how much money you would be up or down if you had bet this team in every game they played.

Teams that have a + money figure, or positive ROI are performing better than expected to by odds makers and are good teams to back.

Pitcher with more wins in last 3 starts or last 5 starts vs opponent are good angles to play.

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Texas Rangers vs St. Louis Cardinals (2011 World Series Game 7)

Matchups advantage

Texas: 6 / St. Louis: 5

Money Advantage

Texas: +1175 / St. Louis: +184

Pitcher Last 3 Games

Texas (Harrison): 2-1 / St. Louis (Carpenter) 2-1

Pitcher Last 5 vs Opponent (1pt=Win, 0.5pt=No Decision)

Texas (Harrison): 0 / St. Louis (Carpenter): 3

Both teams matched up closely, Texas had a slight advantage in the Matchups and Money, while St. Louis had the advantage in Pitching.

St. Louis won this game and the World Series.


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