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Sports Betting at the Sportsbook

NBA Basketball Betting Angles

When handicapping a basketball game there are a few key factors you should focus on.

Using the Basketball Matchups from the Stats menu.

See which team has more arrows pointing in its favor, this gives the team an overall advantage in matchups for the game.

Look at each teams overall ATS record and ATS record at Home or Away, whichever applies to the game situation.

Scroll towards the bottom to see each teams ATS record in last 10 games.

Positive ATS records tell us the team is overachieving and outplaying their odds.

SU records most often pick the betting favorite and more likely winner, while ATS records often produce surprise winners.

Bet at 5dimes




Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat (2011 NBA Finals Game 6)

Matchups Advantage

Dallas: 3 / Miami: 6

Overall ATS Record

Dallas: 43-37-2 = 52.44% / Calzaghe: 39-42-1 = 47.56%

ATS record Home/Away

Dallas Away: 24-17-0 / Miami Home: 15-25-1

ATS Record Last 10

Dallas: 6-4 / Miami: 6-4

Dallas held the advantage in every ATS category and won the game as a 5.5 point underdog and won the NBA Championship.


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