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Nascar Betting Angles

When handicapping a Nascar race there are a few key factors you should focus on.

Using the Driver Matchups for each race from the stats menu.

We select 2 drivers that we want to matchup, it's easier to focus on winning head to head matchup bets in a race than picking the actual race winner, which requires much more luck.

Look at the Last 5 Events Head to Head.

What we're looking for is a driver who's average finish position is lower than his average start position, meaning position was improved during the course of a race.

Then we take the difference and add or subtract it to the average finish position.

This angle can also be used to pick the winner of a race by matching up every driver in a race.

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Tony Stewart vs Jeff Gordon (2011 Ford 400)

Average Start Position / Average Finish Position Last 5 Events

Stewart: 8.8 / 2.6 - Gordon: 13.6 / 14.6


Stewart: -6.2 / Gordon: +1.0

Average Finish Position +/- Difference

Stewart: 2.6 - 6.2 = -3.6 / Gordon: 14.6 + 1.0 = +15.6

The advantage went to Tony Stewart in this matchup.

Tony Stewart won this matchup and also went on to win the race.

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