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Betting Angles - By Sport

Visit each sports section for unique profitable betting angles and systems.
Some angles will always provide value and can be applied to different sports.
Betting on the underdog in a game between division rivals is a solid bet in Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey.

Futures betting is often the most profitable as this is where you can cash out on a nice paying longshot.

Profiting from a Futures bet is a 2 part system, first you have to pick the winning team, then you have to look for the right time to bet them to maximize your payout.

Picking your team involves research, and you should know early on if you have a shot.

Backing a team with a good coach is a good angle in almost every sport, the best indicator of a good coach is prior history or previous championships won.

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NFL Football: To win the Super Bowl you have to win on the road, winning on the road early, 1st or 2nd road game of the year, is a positive sign, every Super Bowl winner has done this.

Soccer: Spain was the only team to ever win the World Cup in 2010 after losing their opening game, every previous World Cup winner had won their opening game, withone exception, Italy tied their opening game and went on to win the tournament. This angle is true for most soccer tournaments.


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